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Voile – Speed Rail First Look


At the Outdoor Retailer Show last week we got an up close look with Voile’s answer to the Spark R and D Tesla system, and it looks very promising.  The Voile Speed Rail Bindings won’t be available until 2016/2017 season, but we got a chance to check them out.

We were told that the bindings were designed in colobration with K2 Snowboards.  As you can tell the toe hooks are basically the Kwicker toe hooks from K2’s Splitboard binding.  Unlike the Tesla system, the Speed rail bindings slide from the rear of the binding to the toe, then clip down in back to lock them in place.  Additionally, the bindings attach in touring mode with a very simple and super sturdy rock all the way forward and back.

The bindings were also rocking some new toe straps.  Although we were told these may not be the straps the final bindings come with were were told the toe straps will be upgraded from the current light rail bindings.


In the photo below, you can see the locking piece that will rest under the heel of your boot.  As long as your strapped in, there is no chance of this lifting up.   It also felt a bit more smooth when locking into place vs the Tesla system, however we will have to wait and see once we get it in the backcountry.


The touring bracket is super strong and stable.  Just look at how beefy those hooks are.  I would have liked to see them get rid of the bar in the middle in this design, to start shaving weight off these bindings.


Another look at the back of the heel lock and dual risers.  Simple design, not much for to ice up.  They look really promising.


Voile told us that they should be in the price range near $350 next season.  Let us know what you think or any questions you have we’ll see if we can get them answered.  Looking we are looking forward to trying these out soon, so be on the look out for a full review.


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