Splitboard: The Beginner’s Guide to Splitboarding

Are you interested in learning how to Splitboard?  Or just need a refresher on your backcountry knowledge?  The Beginner’s Guid to Splitboarding has been read by thousands of powder hungry people just like you.  If you are looking to get endless turns, while remaining safe, you have come to the right spot.

Chapter 1: The Basics of Splitboarding

Chapter 2: How Does a Splitboard Work?

Chapter 3: What do I need to get started?

Chapter 4: Should I make or buy a Splitboard?

Chapter 5: What types of Splitboards are there?

Chapter 6: What type of Splitboard bindings are there?

Chapter 7: What types of Splitboard boots are there?

Chapter 8: What are the risk of Splitboarding

Chapter 9: Myths about Splitboarding

Chapter 10: Splitboarding for exercise


What is a Split Board?

A splitboard is a snowboard that is cut in half and used to access the backcounty as ski’s and converting the ski’s back to a snowboard.  There are many aspects of splitboarding from the approach up the mountain, the conversion process and the decent down the mountain.  Splitboarding is simply about having fun, exercising, and creating adventure.

Splitboarding isn’t just about snow shoeing with long skis, to get some powder runs in.  We believe splitboarding is about going further pushing ourselves, doing it under our own power, and loving every second of it.

This beginners guide is designed to introduce all areas of splitboarding, from how different splitboards ride in the snow, to how to use a beacon, to how repair your splitboard equipetment, to making your first kickturn.  If this sounds like a lot of new information and jargon, don’t worry you will catch on quickly and loving every second of it.