Posted February 17, 2014 by Travis in Splitboard News

ISPO – Völkl Splitboard Untrack,

Völkl Splitboard Untrack Splitboard Reviews
Völkl Splitboard Untrack Splitboard Reviews

Völkl splitboards have really stepped up the game this year.  They have a new splitboard, new base and skins, new bindings, and also Völkl poles.  These skins look awesome, no more tug-a-war or skin saver pads.  Not sure how they perform, but they sure look nice.  The four piece pole is something us splitboarders have needed for a long time.  3 piece poles are still just a bit long for most packs.  Check out the video from the guys at Splitboard Mag, and let us know what you think?

ISPO Highlights.

More info: www.splitboardmag.com


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