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Beginners Guide to Splitboarding

Splitboarding can be a bit overwhelming to get started.  There is a lot more gear that is involved that regular snowboarding, then you have to throw in the safety concerns and backcountry knowledge.  You may have questions like “Should I build my own DIY splitboard out of an old snowboard or just go buy a new factory split splitboard?”

We put together a set of basic guides for anyone interested in learning to splitboard.  We covered each major topic from a beginners point of view to provide a great starting point.  Take a look at each chapter, we will continue to add content, provide stories, instructions, and more learnings.

Chapter 1: The Basics of Splitboarding

Chapter 2: How Does a Splitboard Work?

Chapter 3: What do I need to get started?

Chapter 4: Should I make or buy a Splitboard?

Chapter 5: What types of Splitboards are there?

Chapter 6: What type of Splitboard bindings are there?

Chapter 7: What types of Splitboard boots are there?

Chapter 8: What are the risk of Splitboarding

Chapter 9: Myths about Splitboarding

Chapter 10: Splitboarding for exercise

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