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Backcountry.com – 12 Essential Products for Starting Splitboarding

12 Essential Products for Starting Splitboarding – Backcountry.com


Backcountry.com has put together an excellent beginners guide to getting into Splitboarding and the gear needed to do so.  While it can be really hard to spend the money necessary to purchase everything on this list, it gives you a good idea of what might be required to safely enter the world of Splitboarding.

If you are brand new, be sure to shop around online.  You can find great deals on last years splitboard, skins, bindings, etc. at a fraction of the cost of new gear.  Also, check out your local classified ads or for a facebook page of local splitboarders.  We always update, and upgrade our splitboard gear, and love getting a little cash out of our old gear.

I like the last paragraph where is mentions Forrest Shearer current kit, I though I would list out my current setup as well:

Splitboard: K2 Panorama Splitboard
Bindings – Spark R & D Magneto (with Tesla System)
Boots – Burton Ion
Skins – K2 Skins
Poles – Atlas 3 Piece Lock Jaw

Jacket – Trew Powfunk
Pants – Bonfire 
Mid layer – Helly Hanson
Glove – Burton Full Leather
Goggles – Smith IOS
Helmet – Smith Variant Brim
Face mask – N/A

Pack – Backcountry Access Float 27
Shovel – Backcountry Access Arsenal Shovel w/ Saw
Probe – Black Diamond Quickdraw
Avalanche Beacon – Backcountry Access Tracker 2 or Ortovox S1+

* I also use a Black Diamond Avalung

12 Essential Products for Starting Splitboarding – Backcountry.com


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