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Avalanche Airbags Save Backcountry Skier – Caught on Film

In Salt Lake City, Utah an avalanche was caught on video that dragged a backcountry skier into a ravine, burying her in snow. The woman likely only survived thanks to the avalanche airbags she was equipped with – which deployed as expertly designed to save her life, all caught on film.

The irony was that those who caught the incident on film were documenting an avalanche that had just occurred in the same gully.  To the lookers right in the video, just before the skier dropped in you can see the aftermath of the previous avalanche. This just goes to show the dangers and unpredictability of avalanches – and another reason why backcountry skiers, snowboarders and splitboarders should take every precaution and preparation available.


Even if you are equipped with shovels, beacons and all of the other latest gear on the market – your chances don’t look good. Avalanche airbags are complete game changers.  Avalanche Airbags will keep you above the surface of hundreds of pounds of snow, hundreds of pounds of snow that could otherwise smother you in seconds.  The Airbags inflate just like the airbags on a car. Or almost like white river water rafting, just a few degrees colder.

How Avalanche Airbags Work:

If a backcountry skier or snowboarder is trapped under heavy snow, the airbag system inflates to give the backcountry rider 150 liters of additional body volume.  How does this help?  The volume, minus the weight – equalizes the body density and helps bring the body towards the surface of the snow as the snow gains speed as the avalanche gains momentum down the mountain. Contrasted to the airbags in your car, avalanche airbags uses nitrogen canisters rather than CO2 – a gas that’s safe and non-toxic to carry around or travel with (as long as TSA gives you the go-ahead). If you are a Splitboarder, or extreme backcountry skier or snowboarder – this is the new essential.


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